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E-mail Marketing
Keep Clients Up-to-Date and Referrals rolling in

Email is the most cost-effective marketing tool. It delivers the highest return-on-investment of any other marketing device, averaging a £57.25 return for every pound spent (according to a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association).

The advantages that email has over all other kinds of media are:

Email is a low-cost marketing tool
Emails can be sent for fractions of a penny each. This compares favourably with first class stamps costing 34p each, the vagaries of the postal system, no guaranteed delivery and the threat of strikes.

Email enables you to build relationships
Email is an unobtrusive way of building relationships with customers. It is not as off-putting or annoying as a ‘phone call and it gives you the ability to form a personal relationship with customers and prospects, something that is extremely difficult to do with other direct marketing approaches.

Email is quick
The speed at which an email can be composed and sent without the need for printing lead-times and delivery helps to make it more relevant to those receiving it. This enables companies to keep their customers more up-to-date.

Email provides timely results
Millions of emails can be sent and received instantaneously. The result of this can be immediate – clients can see increased business on their website within minutes of an email being sent.

Email includes hyperlinks
Hyperlinks are the most cost-effective route by which people can visit and buy from your site. Furthermore, they are a simple way of drawing people’s attention to the products and services you are promoting.

Email gives vital marketing information
From any given email marketing campaign you can tell:
• How many emails have been delivered
• How many have been opened
• How many people have clicked through to your site
• The click-to-purchase ratio
• The number of orders per email delivered
• The revenue per mail delivered

This is invaluable information for any growing business and it can be retrieved instantaneously.

Email enables targeting
The best returns-on-investment in marketing and sales are obtained when resources are targeted. The more ‘mass’ the media, the less targeted the results. Email enables you to target individuals, people in certain demographics, males, females or anybody. You can send relevant information to people who will be interested in buying your product or service and avoid annoying those who will have no interest.

Email can be a viral marketing tool
This means that the potential of one email sent could snowball as it is forwarded to an unlimited number of interested third parties. There are no other forms of marketing that can produce such a chain reaction.

Email does not waste paper
In eco-friendly times, email marketing can be one way in which businesses can help to reduce their environmental impact. Targeted emails are less wasteful than excess letters and brochures.

St James Systems offers a comprehensive email marketing campaign, providing you with the advice you need for your campaign. We offer design, copywriting, statistical analysis and our assurance that will not be seen as a spammer.

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