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IT SUPPORT in Leicestershire

Unlike our web-based products, our IT support is based on a geographical area. We have the ability to support users anywhere around the world and we often support locally-based firms who want to access their data abroad. However, St James Systems prides its IT support services on personal attention – we build relationships as this helps us to know you better and to provide better advice on how you work. For this reason, we only provide business support in the following areas:

  • IT support in Leicester
  • IT support in Leicestershire

Many small and medium-sized organisations need a wide range of IT advice but cannot employ a full-time IT manager. Businesses recognise the need for trust and security from those handling and maintaining their data but cannot always guarantee that they are getting it. We have a wide range of experience and are happy to help
From just a few pounds a month, our IT support contract gives you:

  • A timeframe within which we will respond to you and fix your problem.
  • A fixed number of hours support for use over the ‘phone, remotely or on-site.
  • A list of current problems and a list of solutions.
  • A free security report outlining your susceptibility to data theft. This will include information on virus protection software & firewalls as well as giving you an understanding of what data you store, how safe it is and what risks there are.
  • A free backup policy. This identifies your key information, and ensures that you store it safely and securely in a way that means your business will not suffer if the worst happens.
  • A free system failure plan giving you instructions on what to do in the event of a disaster.
  • Terms of use (network, email and Internet) – Ensuring that staff are aware of the terms of use of the Internet is an important consideration. Staff may not know what use of the Internet is appropriate and, as a result, companies can get into sticky situations if the Internet is misused by staff. St James Systems can advise on how to have terms of use written into employee contracts and can provide email disclaimers for company use.
  • A free inventory of your IT system allowing us to develop a better understanding of:
    • the programs you are running
    • the known faults we can prevent form occurring
    • when we might need to upgrade or replace software or hardware

The contract includes free advice meaning that, if a you are considering changing your working practices with IT, you can call us and get as much information you they need to make an informed decision. As hardware & software suppliers we can often make it easier for you to get your hands on the right IT equipment, sourcing it ourselves to ensure you get the right solution with as little hassle as possible.

We also schedule free quarterly meetings with our clients so that we can give them more of a strategic overview, help with their IT budget and ensure that they remain a step ahead of the competition.

The benefits of these meetings are:

  • A strategic look at hardware & software - savings through volume licensing of software & a uniformity of systems across the network, saving time. Well-planned upgrading and purchase of software & hardware can cause fewer budget headaches.
  • An upgrade schedule to help you plan and budget for change.
  • Looking towards the future, understanding the client’s business marketplace, demands and needs. We are able, for example, to undertake time and motion studies to identify where organisations are losing time and where IT could help.

Through the contract and its benefits we are able to provide a framework for our clients so that they can feel confident about using IT. The main benefit of a contract-based system, however, is contact. We get to know our clients more, we learn what makes them tick and we can save them money and give them a head-start over the competition as a result.

For more details please call us on 0116 2836699 or go to the contact page for more options.

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