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Having dabbled with SEO techniques ourselves over the past year and to no great avail, we finally decided to hire the services of St James Systems. Soon after a report was produced, along with a list of suggested improvements that could help our e-commerce site increase targetted traffic and more importanly turnover.

Over a period of just 2 months, our turnover has increased from just £350 a month to £1800. In that time we have been introduced to a variety of exciting SEO techniques. We have worked closely with Sam at St James systems to improve our website, not only improving its search engine ranking, but also focussing on the customer experience and useability issues.

Our visits have increased from 289 in June to 1,061 in August. St James Systems really do seem to have the 'black art' of SEO sewn up, and we look forward to working with them over the next few months to further increase the success of our store.


St James Systems are marketing our website in an imaginative way both online and offline. This has resulted in an increase in traffic to the site and a corresponding increase in business.

St James Systems have provided us with simple, clear statistical tools which means we can track and improve our return on investment.

Our website revenues increased from £675 in June 2007 to over £6,000 per month in 2008 with no increases in our advertising budget.

- Construction Chemicals

ICP Cleaning Services and ICP Cleaning Supplies are family businesses, run with passion and dedication. In a family environment, trust is important and we only like to work with businesses that we trust. St James Systems know our staff by name and have a friendly relationship with all of them.

We have had a relationship with St James Systems since the beginning of 2005 and are happy to continue this relationship. St James Systems offer us contract IT support meaning we spend less time worrying about computer problems and more time doing business. As well as offering us support, St James Systems is our first contact for advice on all IT issues. We get free advice on all matters and have recently benefitted from the advice when moving offices. St James Systems saved us the cost of installing a network by advising us how best to use the existing infrastructure in our new offices.

St James Systems have been flexible, attending to problems at our offices and, when necessary, at home and have, on more than one occasion, diagnosed and fixed problems over the weekend. They have arranged their time to cause us the minimum of disruption when moving offices or when things go wrong.

We have recently commissioned St James Systems to build and market two websites which has meant that we have saved £5,500 per annum in advertising and marketing through companies like the Yellow Pages, and UFindUs.
For these reasons we are happy to recommend St James Systems to anyone who
might consider using their services.

- ICP Cleaning Services

We stopped advertising over Halloween and didn’t miss a beat. This year we will save £11,000 on advertising and, all the time, the number of visitors is growing and our business is increasing.

- The Party Catalogue

You should blow your own trumpet because you are very good and so reliable which is something that is lacking in today’s world.

- Joint Shine

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