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Internet Marketing is the only means by which business can make an exponential difference to their sales. Competition for the top places in search engines is fierce, and rightly so, with massive increases in targeted traffic and business as the prize.

St James Systems are widely regarded as experts in web optimisation for UK customers. We have gained excellent results by focusing on the peculiarities of web optimisaiton in the UK market. Our team have written extensively on the subject and our blog aims to keep customers up-to-date with changing UK trends.

We offer a full range of services that will:

• Drive targeted users to make business enquiries on simple websites resulting in   targeted referrals and increased sales.

• Increase traffic to information-giving or promotional sites (such as band website)

• Increase the number of customers, the number of new and returning visitors and,   most importantly, the turnover of e-commerce sites.

The results speak for themselves. Our clients have seen revenues increase by six times within six months, top 10 rankings for fifteen high-traffic keywords within five months and an increase in visitors by 500% within four months.

Our tried and tested Rank on Rank technique enables simple changes to be made onsite, link building to be done off site and a massive increase in the Google PageRank®, importance and traffic to websites or even to particular pages on a website. We provide all of our clients with statistical software and regular reports ensuring that they can see the return on their investment quickly and simply.

There are a number of services we perform but we are world-renowned for our oneway link building services an our general SEO link building services. We provide the best return in investment for any link building service in the UK.

If you would like to know more or if you would like a free report to be drawn up for your website, please fill out the enquiry form below. Our detailed, personal service will ensure that we get to know your business as well as possible and offer accurate, insightful advice.


What makes us different?

St James Systems aim to reverse engineer the idea of gaining website traffic. We start by looking at the search terms that people actually use and then place you in front of the traffic that is already there. We take a look at and take apart the websites of your competitors so that we can beat them to the top of the search engines and we look at the statistical data that we gather on your behalf so that we can find out what is successful and what isn’t – we can then do more of what is successful and drop what isn’t.

The services that we would like to offer go well beyond standard on-site optimisation as our research shows that this is becoming a less and less important way of gaining favourable search engine positions and traffic. We will use:

On-site optimisation
There is and always will be some importance attached to on-page factors. We will focus each page of your website on 2 or 3 different keywords to ensure that the search engines can clearly determine what they are about. We will ensure that the copy is well-written, that the title of the page clearly pronounces what you do and that the description of the page that appears in the search engines entices potential clients to click on to your site.

We will use our best practices and research to hone your site. We provide a report to make sure that it isn’t just the copy that’s optimised for the search engines but, once visitors come to the site, they are more likely to make an enquiry about or purchase your services. We can bring lots of traffic to the site but we must not do this at the expense of the experience of the targeted customers who you have spent time qualifying and want to convert or else the whole optimisation process is counter-productive.

Link-building is the most important way of influencing your site’s reputation in the search engines. Simply put, the more people that link to your site, the more ‘votes’ there are for your site and the more people are saying “leave my site and go to this one”. This is very powerful and is the only way to distinguish between a massive number of sites offering an identical service.

Our link-building service will involve getting sites relevant to your industry to link to you and, where possible, to include the keywords we want to focus on in the link text. We will also set up a links page so that we can set up reciprocal links with others.

Furthermore, our software can analyse the links to your competitors’ sites so that we can approach people who link to your competitors and get them to link to us.

Search engines only want to provide quality content to their customers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for immediately, you’ll go somewhere else. Blogs have recently become a means by which ‘experts’ can quickly and easily satisfy the interests and questions of a niche market. Search engines favour well-written blogs as they provide useful, up-to-date content to searchers. If we think about it, we might more readily search and be more interested in information that answers a particular question than in just a keyword. Blogs fill these niches and we will write a number of articles that aim to dominate your niche and push users back to your site.

Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is a buzzword that tries to explain the growth of the Internet from simple, static pages. With sites like Facebook and with blogs, users are able to interact more with the web and participate with it. People are able to collaborate more easily and more effectively with fewer overheads. We understand this and are using the web to collaborate with others. We can exploit the power of the web and our methods can get the most out of this collaboration for you.

Optimisation is a waste of time and money unless there is a return on investment. We have gained a great many clients form other organisations because they have no idea what their return on investment is. We install detailed statistical information for free as part of our service which means you can see how the number of searches grows over time, how the number of people reaching you through the desired keywords increase over time, how more people stay longer on the site and make enquiries about your service. The web is just as much a financial element of your business as any other and it needs to make a return to justify its existence. We understand this and our statistical tools will enable you to make informed decisions founded on reliable information.

A keyword analysis campaign is vital. It is important that we not only find the keywords that people search for but also that we find the keywords that people use to buy. It is no use getting 500 searches a day against a particular keyword unless some of those people buy something. We will optimise each page of your website for different keywords and, as part of this process, your site will also be accessible to ‘the long tail’ (there are far more searches made for obscure keywords than there are for the most popular term in your category – Google tells us that 50% of its searches in a given month have never been made before). We will gain a firm grasp of the keywords that you feel best describe your business and we will filter these for the terms that have high volumes of searches. We will put you in front of people searching for you with our keywords strategy rather than guess which keywords are most applicable and then wait for traffic.

Furthermore, we will draw conclusions about what people want from a particular keyword and structure your site so that your offers are clear in the search engine rankings pages and their attention is drawn to you rather than anyone else. By engaging customers and starting a conversation with them, you will receive more of the right kind of visitors.

Advertising can be daunting for many businesses who can find it difficult to compete and who may have had bad experiences before. With the online market, the simple truth is that people buy using adverts and that advertising can be pinpointed at targeted customers in a way that is not possible offline. Furthermore, St James Systems have techniques that can tell which adverts your competitors are using and what is making them money. We can transplant the adverts that are successful for them and immediately make your advertising campaign more profitable.

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